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Baseball cards helped me fall in love with the game and the Blue Jays. Over a couple of decades I have spent way too much time, and probably money, collecting memories of my baseball fandom. This is a place to wallow in nostalgia for cheap pieces of cardboard and the players on them.

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Joe Lawrence and Pete Tucci, 1997 Topps, #480

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I have been distracted. Luckily, most of those distractions have been baseball. Seriously, how great was last night? I am almost glad there is nothing today because it could never live up to what happened on the last night of the regular season. I have no confidence the playoffs even will.

Anyways, to make up for my absence here are two players in one card! Unfortunately those two players are Joe Lawrence and Pete Tucci. Topps thought so little of them that they did not even get to pose for their pictures in team jerseys, just some cheap t-shirts they grabbed at the merch stand. Combined these two played a grand total of 55 games in the majors, all for the Blue Jays.*

*Side note: All 55 were played by Joe Lawrence. And those were played badly. Like -1.0 WAR in just 55 games bad. But at least he made the majors. Pete Tucci did not, because Pete Tucci was never any good.

As for the Topps card designers in 1997, they can screw off because that card back is a joke. What kind of magic eye nonsense is this? If you stare closely you will see their stats, but stare too close and it’s the Rocky Mountains.

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