Retro Jays Cards

Baseball cards helped me fall in love with the game and the Blue Jays. Over a couple of decades I have spent way too much time, and probably money, collecting memories of my baseball fandom. This is a place to wallow in nostalgia for cheap pieces of cardboard and the players on them.

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Howard Battle, 1992 Classic Best, #88

In December of 1995 the Jays traded Howard Battle and Ricardo Jordan for Paul Quantrill. That is the only contribution Battle made to the big league club.

But this card is not about the Toronto Blue Jays, this is a card for the third baseman for the Dunedin Blue Jays. I wish there were more minor league card series available when I was growing up. It would have been a valuable tool to introduce young fans to up and coming players in the system. Although I dislike the similarities between the Dunedin and Toronto uniforms. Get your own identity you lazy minor league marketing departments. And while we are at it Greater Dunedin area, quit getting Jerry Howarth to pimp out your tourism industry throughout every Blue Jays broadcast. I am sure you do have nice beaches and good golfing, but I don’t need to hear it 162 times a year.

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