Retro Jays Cards

Baseball cards helped me fall in love with the game and the Blue Jays. Over a couple of decades I have spent way too much time, and probably money, collecting memories of my baseball fandom. This is a place to wallow in nostalgia for cheap pieces of cardboard and the players on them.

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Jerry Garvin, 1981 Donruss, #150

And we have our first request. Someone wanted something from the late 70’s or early 80’s. So I bring you Jerry Garvin, a career Blue Jay from 1977 through 1982.

Since this card came out the year I was born I can’t add any personal feelings towards the career of Mr. Garvin. However, this card is amazing. First, what the heck is he looking at? Second, the information provided on the back is hilarious. The only thing worth mentioning from 1979 was apparently a stint on the DL for a muscle strain. I also love the idea of mentioning his setting a club record in 1980 for a team that was three years old. Finally, that is one classic era handsome man. Like a young Robert Redford.

Also, if you were a Jerry Garvin fan you can get his (and Willie Upshaw’s) autograph for 10 bucks here

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